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Post  Aleo1997 on Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:50 pm


Hey guys, Welcome to my One Stop Skin Shop! (All skins are free) I have been messing around with mcskinedit (Thank you swedman!) and I think ive gotten pretty good. I went from making skins for myself, to skins for my brothers, to skins for my server, and now to skins for everyone! Check these out and send in some requests, if i like your idea i may make it and post it on here! Check em out for me and feedback is greatly welcomed! (its what gets me up and going in the morning XD ) Thanks guys, and enjoy!

For Requests please include picture (if possible), any changes that you wish to apply, as much detailed description as possible, and a name (if no name is included for it, I will either name it myself or name it after you.) Thank You!


King modeled from Cesare Borgia on AC:B - (My current skin): - *3rd Most Popular Skin!* download.php?8bb8xbq6o3js8h8

A Knight of Brimhaven (a fictional city i made up): - *2nd Most Popular Skin!* download.php?c428n5la0ph9ulx

The Pope! (i made this because nobody ever makes a good pope it seems): download.php?x8hhhy9bxnyyk9e

Team Fortress 2 Engineer: download.php?gzac1ur350aoggu

Team Fortress 2 Spy: download.php?8yeccjj9x2c6zm2

Team Fortress 2 Scout: download.php?uigo2hh2h0opjbj

xXBlueMistXx Request by xXBlueMistXx: - *1st Most Popular Skin!* download.php?2ivp6lqbykjep3a

Helpharis Request by Helpharis: ?jc3owkm8z0j9ro3

RougeFever Request by RougeFever: download.php?jwibvzj211zm52o

Marine Soldier: download.php?2yc3df8eqcv1nm5

Mayor Request by UGH_FOREVER: ?4wlt11x5swga0bq

Masaro Request by GoldenMas: download.php?taiq7kwjgres513

Zegraito Request by Zegraito: download.php?7rsstukqnsu9uve

Agentrok Request by agentrok: ?v7fr7tnqh7tctea

Lanott Request by Lanott: ?836krd9tu6e38zv

Cyrus Request by Elxraich: ?cyh16km4m3sbmbg

Ender Lord Request by Elxraich: ?712lcytrizrr4j6

Diamond Honeydew Request by liang2: ?8fvjqv2q7dd8vdq

Request by Wolfeyt: ?bel1zy7oxlb1fjo

Apocalypse Request by ausare32: ?0zxq8jw8md5bo01

Speaker Head Request by lenguineMC: ?ch3l9pw9v2x1pro

Werewolf Request by Orokirn: ?xhc3b24z6fh4rlc

Raul Request by ThePokemonKiller: ?gm6d7btdngc39ab

Juan Request by ThePokemonKiller: ?3o5iqms9feswm5o

Gold Knight Request by nickman98: ?n44ys6po1hf9418

Air Force Pilot Made by Drennin: ?kagbc4l5qmlmk47

Ninja Request by Bluetreefrog: ?i6zhtt845tbo02p

Carter Pewterschmidt Request by MegaImpact: ?40mgm169407gos2

Medieval Thief Made by Drennin: ?ucaa0tf0wglasw5

Renassaince Thief Made by Drennin: ?z077puazajau44z


Special thanks to Swedman for creating SkinEdit,
Special thanks to Creators of Minecraft Skin Viewer,
Special thanks to All of those who sent me requests! I couldn't have done it without you!

I love making skins for all you guys and I would love to make a lot more, so i would like it if someone could make a banner of some sort? i tried on my own but i got confused haha. Thanks guys! EDIT: I made myself a banner! haha i figured it out so if you would like to support me, here is the link - Thanks guys for all your help!

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